We founded MILA Maison Des Roses® because we love roses and we wanted to keep all our arrangements longer.  We love when our house and office are full of beautiful roses, without thinking of their maintenance.



MILA Maison des Roses® was born in 2018.
The colors of the brand were inspired by "tutu" classic dancer's uniforms, which portray work, elegance and beauty.
The creation of these luxurious floral compositions, is today the result of these high standards of quality combined with the perpetual innovation of Design in the World.

We are based in five countries : USA, Switzerland, Mexico, Morocco and Spain.

Are MILA® Roses Real?

Thanks to innovative procedures, the company develops precious arrangements, that maintain freshness for several years.

Our Collections consist of real, everlasting best Ecuadorian roses and are available in more than 26 different colors. They Begin their life in Ecuador where they are carefully cultivated to produce a full and most beautiful bloom. From there, they are treated with a proprietary solution, which stops the growth of the rose at its most perfect state and a color pigmentation which give them such a perfect color.The life span of these roses can last longer than one year if taken care properly.

How to keep them lasting more than 1 year?

Care Instructions – MILA® Maison des Roses

Our Collections consist of real, everlasting roses. Well taken care of, they will provide you with at least 1–3 years of joy and will always remind you of the extraordinary moments in life. Remember they are very delicate, be nice with them:

  • The roses securely remain in their boxes, so please do not remove them.
  • Please do not water the roses! Otherwise, their shelf life is limited.
  • Avoid touching the roses too often, as moisture from your own skin can transfer to the rose pedals and diminish their color and shape.
  • Keep the Arrangement in a room-temperature environment: not too cold or too hot and avoid direct sunlight. 
  • Please do not place anything onto the roses as they can get damaged. 
  • Please note that the roses can slightly stain adjacent objects, especially fabrics, such as curtains or other textiles 
  • If dust collects after a few months, remove it lightly using dry air or a soft MILA Care brush.